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All I want for Christmas is a tennis ball!

Dogs are wonderful, faithful companions with simple needs.  they want to be near you, they like naps and they want to play. 

Playing fetch or tug-of-war with your dog can be the highlight of their day.  It can also help avoid behavioral issues which are often the result of boredom or an overabundance of energy.

Comfort toys can help soothe dogs with anxiety when they are left alone.  Many will treat a stuffed toy as a baby that they want to care for and protect.  Other dogs will shred a stuffed toy in an effort to "kill" it, which is another form of instinctual play.

Hard rubber toys fit the bill for active chewers and puzzle toys such a Kong's help mentally stimulate your furry friend.

Cats can get a bad rap for being able to lay on a window sill all day long, but they actually enjoy playing with their owners as well.  Their prey instinct will kick in when they encounter a laser dot, a feathery toy or a ball on a string being dragged in front of them.  Introducing new toys will help keep them active and engaged with you. 

Whether you're a dog or a cat person (or both), remember to add toys for your

fur-babies to your Christmas list!